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These modules may be available as built-in modules on your system. They are not provided as Python source code, but are extensions provided by the Digi device to expose internal functionality specific to our products.

See the Availability section of each module page for support information. Common support limitations are summarized here. "No (HW)" means the device lacks the required hardware. "No (FW)" means the underlying operating environment lacks the required support.

Module ConnectPort X2/WiX2 ConnectPort X3/X3R Connectport X5R/X5F ConnectCore 3G 9P    X-Trak 3   
camera No (HW) No (HW) No (HW) No (HW) No (HW)
digicli Yes No (FW) Yes No (FW) No (FW)
digihw No (HW) Yes Yes Yes Yes
digipowercontrol No (HW) Partial Yes Partial Partial
digisms No (HW) Yes Yes No (HW) Yes
digiwdog No (HW) No (HW) Yes No (HW) No (HW)
SSL/TLS/HTTPS Yes No (FW) Yes No (FW) No (FW)
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