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LU-960M (K) intelligent PID temperature controllers

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LU-960M (K) may set for 20 to 200 segments program control curves, suit for temperature rise/fall program control systems which need high precession multi segments curve. It has the function of relay control, manual/auto non-perturbation cut and self-calibration.

2. The main Technical Parameters
◆Input accuracy: ± (0.2%F.S+1) digit
◆Resolution: 1, 0.1
◆Display windows: Double Four LED Numerical Code Tube + light pillar
◆input type: K、S、B、T、E、J、WRe325、N
0-10 mA、 4-20mA
0-5V 、1-5V
specially input: R 、Wre526、mV、other
◆output model types:
J1: relay output (resistance 250VAC/3A normally open and hold)
J2: relay output (resistance 250VAC/0.8A normally open)
T: SSR trigger output (12V/40mA)
T1: single-circuit silicon-controlled zero-crossing output
T2: two-circuits silicon-controlled zero-crossing output
I1: control current output (0-10mA4-20mA)
I2: current transform output (0-10mA/4-20mA)
V5: control/transform voltage output
V1:DC12V/50 mA sensors power supply model
V2:DC24V/50 mA sensors power supply model
V3:DC5V/50 mA sensors power supply model
R:RS232 communication model
S:RS485 communication model
C1: single-phase silicon-controlled phase-shift trigger
C3: three-phase three-wire silicon-controlled phase-shift trigger
C4: three-phase four-wire silicon-controlled phase-shift trigger
◆5 to 200 control curve
◆the T.C cold-junction compensation errors: ±1 ℃
◆the T.C breaks or measuring range ultra: Display Sb
◆sampling rate: 0.5 seconds
◆power voltage: 85-264VAC
◆power consumption: 4W
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