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How to change function set in the new XCTU

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I am trying to put my Xbee module (XB24-ZB family, router) in API mode. I am using XCTU 6.1.1 and I have spent the afternoon looking for how to do this, but all the help I found was for the old design of XCTU and I did not manage to translate it to the new version. I have also looked in the software help, but did not find any guidance there.

I have managed to discover the module and set it to talk to my coordinator (in API mode by default) and I can receive the data on the co-ordinator. I get this sort of characters at the beginning of each line: 7~ 0� ¢ @§Gõ|; which I guess is the frame of the data, which I'll need to write some code to interpret. But I need to add a second router to my network so I need to work in API mode, right ?.

What I understand is that I need to change the 'function set', but in my version of X-CTU, I don't find where to edit this. Can anyone help me?

I hope this is clear enough,

asked Jul 23 in XCTU by Sarah N. New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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For the new XCTU-NG you can see the function sets by clicking on the Tools icon and then clicking on Firmware Explorer.

From here you can select the Product Family, Function set, and Firmware version you are interested in and save the profile.

After you have done that, go back to the Configuration page for the XBee and click on the Load Profile icon and select your file.
answered Jul 25 by trooper2 Veteran of the Digi Community (343 points)
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