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I get this error while executing the following code.

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Can anyone please check this issue.line 28 : ERROR PARALLEL 1.C : SPD0RShadow is out of scope/ not declared.

#class auto
#define DINBUFSIZE 31
#define DOUTBUFSIZE 31
#define Esc 27
#define D_BAUDRATE 600L
#use "slave_port.lib"
#memmap xmem

#define MSSG_TMOUT 0000UL
// will discontinue collecting data 0 seconds after
// receiving any character or when maxSize are read.

// This timeout period determines when to give up waiting for any data to
// arrive and must be implemented within the user's program, as it is below.
#define IDLE_TMOUT 9000UL
// will timeout after 9`` seconds if no data is read.

* Using serXread(), the program can accept binary data, not just text.
* This structure represents a 16-bit integer followed by twenty 32-bit
* floating point values. Of course, them floats better be IEEE-754
* format values!

typedef struct
short d;
float f[20];
// serDread and serDwrite read and write bytes of any data type

void main()

char value;
char REG;
int i,n,maxSize;
unsigned long t;
DATA data;
char s[32];
// For status messages.

n = 0;
maxSize = sizeof(DATA); // 82 bytes
//Initializing the port as slave port by assigning below value in SPCR
while ((n != 1) || ((char)data.d != Esc)) {
// until 'Esc'
// 82 bytes max, up to 3 sec between chars before timing out

if ((n = serDread(&data, maxSize, MSSG_TMOUT)) > 0)

printf("\n Received data is %c \n",data.d);
printf("value in REG is %c\n",REG);
printf("value in SPD0R is %c\n",value);
// start anew for next message
serDputs(" Timed out! ");
// start anew for next message
serDputs(" Done");
while (serDwrFree() != DOUTBUFSIZE) ;
// Complete tx before closing

asked Jul 2 in Rabbit Software by AISWARYA RAJ New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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This error is telling you that SPD0RShadow has not been defined anywhere. There is no shadow register defined for the SPD0R register. Use NULL instead for that parameter.
answered Jul 7 by trooper2 Veteran of the Digi Community (339 points)
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