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Set programmable Version as a coordinator

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I basicly want to have my two programmable XBees to communicate without the XStick. So I changed one XBee via XCTU to a Coordinator (set Coordinator Enable 1 and Destination Address Low FFFF) and flashed the "Transmit basic frames Example" into the other(everything worked fine here with the XStick). So my question is, can i configurate my programmable Xbee so that it behaves like the XStick?
Should i change something with the PAN-Adress or something?

asked Jul 1 in XBee Programmable Development by lueis New to the Community (9 points)

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2 Answers

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What is the full part number of the XBee modules you are working with? What firmware versions are installed?
answered Jul 1 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (2,134 points)
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The Product number should be XB24CZ7PISB003

therefore its the programmable SMT-version.

afterall my XBe is broken(i think) and i need to recover. in http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl?id=3402 i found "If you have a programmable XBee, contact Digi Support for troubleshooting. "

in new XCTU-version i started recovery and the messages:
- Looking for active bootloader... [ERROR] There is not an active bootloader in the module. - Resetting and entering bootloader... [ERROR] There is not an active bootloader in the module.
So i tried to reflash bootloader project with the freescale-project but nothing changed. Hot can i flash a working bootloader?
I tried to get into terminal.
getting this as it should be! so there should be a working bootloader.
.B-Bypass .F-Update App .T-Timeout .V-BL Ver. .A-App Ver. .R-Reset .vvBL032-2C0-D37_064
can i update the firmware with this?
answered Jul 2 by lueis New to the Community (9 points)
edited Jul 2 by lueis
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