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Synchronizing CP RTC time

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The following is the RTC setting returned from 5 Connect Port X4 GWs using the iDig web services. All GW RTC and FQDN are setup similarly. The only significant difference in the GWs that I can determine is the version of FW.

The 1st RTC time shown below was returned for a GW with FW ver 2.13. the others are ver 2.14 to 2.17. I can accept a few seconds difference in time but how can the > 3 minute difference be explained?

<datetime>Mon Jun 23 15:30:03 2014</datetime>
<datetime>Mon Jun 23 15:33:37 2014</datetime>
<datetime>Mon Jun 23 15:33:25 2014</datetime>
<datetime>Mon Jun 23 15:33:08 2014</datetime>
<datetime>Mon Jun 23 15:33:31 2014</datetime>
asked Jun 23 in Web Services by mcarangi New to the Community (1 point)

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