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What is the minimum current draw I can expect to obtain from a BL4S200 supplied with 12VDC?

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I would like to use a Rabbit BL4S200 in a 12 V battery powered installation as part of a telemetry project.

Using DC function:
set_cpu_power_mode(10, CLKDOUBLER_OFF, SHORTCS_ON);

I only notice a very small reduction in current draw from the supply, 260mA down to approx 235mA.

Is it possible to reduce this further i.e. a sleep mode or would I have to look at using another model SBC optimised for low power modes such as the LP3500.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
asked Jun 23 in Rabbit by Gregor Mackenzie New to the Community (0 points)

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2 Answers

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Take a look at Table B-1. DCIN Current Available at J7 (in mA) Based on Power Supply and Vcc (= 5 V) Current Used at J7 on page 181 of the user manual located at

answered Jun 23 by MargaretK Veteran of the Digi Community (430 points)
Can I reduce the power required to supply the BL4S200
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You can also use pd_powerdown() and pd_powerup() to power the ethernet chip up or down.
answered 5 days ago by trooper2 Seasoned Professional (242 points)
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