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Digi One SP Modem Emulation - I cannot get my system to recognize it as a modem.

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I've installed the device to Serial port on a Windows 7 machine, installed Realport software. Configured as instructed. Even installed it to windows as a "modem". Yet, when I try to use it a modem, I either comeback with "device not functioning on COM" or "no modem found on COM".
asked May 7 in Realport by KNeuman New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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Have you looked at the knowledge base articles on troubleshooting the port?


1) Troubleshooting a Port
Make sure you are using a cable built according to one of the diagrams found through the cable selector on the Digi Support page for your product/serial device combo.
Telnet or log in to the Portserver and type
set port ra=## dev=term
set line ra=## baud=9600 csize=8 parity=N stopb=1
(where ## is the port number you wish to test).
Disconnect the Portserver from the network and power cycle it.
Set your terminal for 9600 8-N-1 and attempt to log in on the port. (If you can log in as root, then the port is working).
answered May 7 by Campbell Seasoned Professional (220 points)
Thanks.  I've actually already went through that, and its working fine.  But still when I go to use it as modem function, it can't find.  Example:  I've installed a version of Hyperterminal.  In HypT, I choose the One SP as a modem.  Put in number and it returns with "Disconnected" as it can't get ringtone.  So, i try to contact the modem through COM port (in HypT).  if I type an AT command, nothing.  The only way I can communicate with it is through inputting a TCP/IP add.
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