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WI-FI Enterprise mode Authentication on RCM5600W

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I have trouble when trying to wifi-enterprise authentication on rcm5600w(as clients) to pc(as server) in infrastructure network over access point.

If the access point does not support a built-in radius server, how to solve this problem?


Access Point(TL-WA701ND) configuration:

Operation Mode: Access Point
Type: Static IP
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

Wireless Network Name(SSID): TP-LINK_876D3E
Channel: Auto
Mode: 11bgn mixed
Enable WIreless Radio: True
Enable SSID Broadcast: True

Mode: WPA/WPA2 - Enterprise
Version: WPA2
Encryption: AES
Radius Server IP:
Radius Port: 1812
Radius Password: pwd12345
Group Key Update Periode: 30 second

My DC program as follows:
#class auto #define X509_NO_RTC_AVAILABLE #define TCPCONFIG 1 #define _PRIMARY_STATIC_IP "" #define _PRIMARY_NETMASK "" #define MY_GATEWAY "" #define MY_NAMESERVER "" #define IFC_WIFI_SSID "TP-LINK_876D3E" #define IFC_WIFI_ROAM_ENABLE 1 #define IFC_WIFI_ROAM_BEACON_MISS 20 #define IFC_WIFI_MODE IFPARAM_WIFI_INFRASTRUCTURE #define IFC_WIFI_REGION IFPARAM_WIFI_REGION_AMERICAS #define WIFI_USE_WPA #define WIFI_AES_ENABLED #define IFC_WIFI_ENCRYPTION IFPARAM_WIFI_ENCR_CCMP #define WPA_USE_EAP WPA_USE_EAP_TLS #define IFC_WIFI_WPA_PROTOCOL IFPARAM_WIFI_WPA_PROTOCOL_WPA2 #define IFC_WIFI_IDENTITY "pwd12345" #ximport "d:\certmgr\private\PT.CTECH CA.pem" root_ca_cert #ximport "d:\certmgr\certs\client_ssls.pem" my_client_cert // publics key #ximport "d:\certmgr\certs\client_sslkey.pem" my_client_key // private key #define IFC_WIFI_CA_CERT_XIM root_ca_cert #define IFC_WIFI_CLIENT_CERT_XIM my_client_cert, my_client_key #define SSL_USE_AES #define IFC_WIFI_CHANNEL 1 #use "dcrtcp.lib" #use "rcm56xxw.lib" #define DEST "" #define PORT 1812 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// SSL_Cert_t ca_cert; void main() { char buffer[100]; int bytes_read, tmo; longword destIP; tcp_Socket socket; brdInit(); memset(&ca_cert, 0, sizeof(ca_cert)); if (SSL_new_cert(&ca_cert, root_ca_cert, SSL_DCERT_XIM, 0) || SSL_set_private_key(&ca_cert, my_client_cert, SSL_DCERT_XIM)) exit(7); // Start network and wait for interface to come up (or error exit). ifconfig(IF_WIFI0, IFS_WIFI_CA_CERT, (SSL_Cert_t far *)&ca_cert, IFS_END); ifup(IF_WIFI0); printf("Waiting for interface to come back up...\n"); tmo = _SET_SHORT_TIMEOUT(10000); while (ifpending(IF_WIFI0) == IF_COMING_UP) { tcp_tick(NULL); if (_CHK_SHORT_TIMEOUT(tmo)) { printf("Still waiting...\n"); tmo = _SET_SHORT_TIMEOUT(10000); } } if (ifpending(IF_WIFI0) == IF_DOWN) { printf("Interface failed to come back up.\n"); exit(2); } //sock_init_or_exit(1); if( 0L == (destIP = resolve(DEST)) ) { printf( "ERROR: Cannot resolve \"%s\" into an IP address\n", DEST ); exit(2); } tcp_open(&socket,0,destIP,PORT,NULL); printf("Waiting for connection...\n"); while(!sock_established(&socket) && sock_bytesready(&socket)==-1) { tcp_tick(NULL); } printf("Connection established...\n"); }
asked Apr 28 in Rabbit Software by eda New to the Community (14 points)

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1 Answer

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Hello , In the above configurations you need to define the user id and password macros also as below

#define IFC_WIFI_IDENTITY "my_user1d"
#define IFC_WIFI_PASSWORD "my_passw0rd"

For more information about the related macros, please check tcp_config.lib file at the Dynamic C installation path below

Also please check , at digi website there is a document regarding Wi-Fi on Rabbit modules, this doc explains about the security issues and the available security protocols.

I hope this helps you.
answered Apr 28 by cpigilam Veteran of the Digi Community (497 points)
selected May 1 by eda
Sorry, I late reply.

Thanks for the information. My problem solved after I install radius server.
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