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Has anyone added Syslog to NETOS?

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Wondering if anyone has successfully included a Syslog client library (just the sending of log messages) into NETOS. I'm no C guru when it comes to integrating libraries across OSes, so I have no idea whether I should be able to just snag a lib, include it, fix a few things and move on, or whether there's likely a lot of tweaking to do.

A vague question I know, but I guess I mainly want to know whether it is even worth trying? Would you expect it to take hours, days, or weeks to work through?

I have other libraries I'd like to include, but I'm suspecting syslog would be the simplest of them to try first.

thanks for any thoughts you have

-- gw
asked Apr 17 in NET+OS by gwillits New to the Community (24 points)

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