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How do i generate input signals?

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Hi, I have a BL2600 and I have a program that listens to input signals from the input pins DIN16-31. I would like to generate a input signal somehow so that I can see it that something happends in my program.
If I had the demo board I could generate a signal, but since I do not have it. I have 2 options as I see it. Buy a demo board or find another way to generate signals.

Is it possible to buy only the demo board without buying another BL2600(I already have 2 BL2600's)?

If I where to connect an external powersource to generate an input signal. What voltage and ampere should I use. and how do I connect the wires? Do I for example connect the plus from the external power source to pin CIN16 and the negative to GND? How should I set the jumper?

Please ask if my questions are unclear.
Thanks in advance
Regards Samir
asked Apr 17 in Rabbit by Samir.E New to the Community (3 points)
edited Apr 17 by Samir.E

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3 Answers

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You can purchase the tool kit for the BL2600. A demonstration board comes in this kit. The part number is 101-0626.
answered Apr 17 by trooper2 Veteran of the Digi Community (564 points)
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Good afternoon, I emailed you yesterday, and just resent this after realizing I did not have your correct email address.
answered Apr 17 by MargaretK Veteran of the Digi Community (492 points)
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Thanks for the help guys :) :)
answered Apr 22 by Samir.E New to the Community (3 points)
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