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Connectport X4H AIN1, AIN2 Data to Device Cloud data stream

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I have a Connectport X4H. I have wired the AIN1 and AIN2 to potentiometers. By running the ain.py sample Python program, I can see that the readings vary when I vary the pot position.

My Device Cloud account recognizes and connects to the X4H.

I want to get readings from the potentiometers connected to the X4H up to the Device Cloud. How do I do that? Does it require a specific Python program? Is there a sample program out there? Is there a white paper, or a blog post, or a FAQ, or a KB article, or anything, etc......... that would tell me how to do this?

I am struggling on exactly how to get the data from the X4H to the Device Cloud. Any advice that you can give me would be appreciated.
asked Mar 31 in Data Services by MikeHiggi New to the Community (0 points)

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