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What does 'Indirect message unrequested' mean?

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I've been battling with a problem for a week with 2 xbee 868 radios. I have 1 set as coordinator and one set to either a normal node or end device (same result either way). Both are set in API mode 1. I have them connected to 2 computers in 2 rooms both with X-CTU.

The problem is that I can build a TX request packet and send it from the node to the coordinator with no problems, but I can't transmit the other way - the message fails with 0x75 'Indirect message unrequested' and I have no idea what that means.

I have gone back to AT mode, done a range test and a 2-way AT mode chat with no problems as a test.

The packets I am building contain:

Transmit to coordinator (works):
7e 00 10 10 01 00 13 a2 00 40 94 5b b1 ff fe 00 00 41 42 43 44 52

Transmit to node (fails):
7e 00 10 10 01 00 13 a2 00 40 a2 6e 56 ff fe 00 00 41 42 43 44 8c

The status packet contains:
7e 00 07 8b 01 ff fe 03 75 00 fe

0x75 status is 'Indirect message unrequested'. I don't even understand what that means.

Any help appreciated. I've spent days on this. I'm using firmware XBP08-DP, XBEE-PRO 868 SINGLE CHANNEL, 1061.

asked Mar 31 in RF Solutions and XBee by inshallah573 New to the Community (2 points)

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1 Answer

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From the looks of it, your frame 7e 00 10 10 01 00 13 a2 00 40 a2 6e 56 ff fe 00 00 41 42 43 44 8c is invalid.
answered May 5 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (1,555 points)
I have sent the following frame from co-ordinator(CE:1) to standard node(CE:0) and faced with the same problem.
Tx from coordinator: 7E 00 14 10 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF FE 00 00 00 3C 10 00 CD E8 F0
Rx : 7E 00 07 8B 01 FF FE 0B 75 00 F6
Note: Standard node did not receive anything.

On the other hand, when I set the 64bit destionation address to 0x000000000000FFFF, the packet recieved from the standard node.

How could I send the packet to specific 64bit address?
That packet you issue is to a node with a Source address of 00.  Try sending it to the broadcast address of 0x000000000000FFFF and a 16 bit address of 0xFFFE
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