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problems with ad9833 and rabbit4000

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Hello guys .
i am trying to make a triangular wave with the ad9833 and the rabbit 4000.
i am trying to make a triangular wave from 5 Khz till 2 Mhz . but it doesnt work.
what can be the reason that it doesnt work?

here is my code :

void SendInt(int x)
char bhigh,blow;
char value[2];

void CreateWord(long num, unsigned int *highbyte, unsigned int *lowbyte)

void StartWaveGenerator(void)
unsigned int mbuf[3];
int i;
mbuf[0]=0x2002; // 2002 for triangle
CreateWord(SetFreq(7000) ,&mbuf[1],&mbuf[2]);

#define MCLK 20000000
#define REGSIZE 268435456 // 2^28
long SetFreq(long freqval)
long fregister;
return fregister;

void main()
asked Mar 26 in Rabbit Software by reggie720 New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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Rabbit products use the 12 bit A/D converter ADS7870
answered Sep 15 by MargaretK Veteran of the Digi Community (463 points)
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