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Configuring XBEE using XCTU is not working

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Dear All,

I am configuring XBEE Modules using XCTU, Facing issue while Reading Modem OR Writing Modem.

Problem : Action Required Dialogue doesn't disappear at any case(while reset)


"Test/Query" & Modem Configuration Read both does not getting response?
I think this is due to : XBee is in API command mode.

How to switch from API mode to AT Mode ?

Please help ....

asked Mar 17 in XBee Programmable Development by vijay.amrutkar New to the Community (2 points)
Hi All,
I am now able to Test/Query modem.

But, Problem does reproduce with reading modem configuration. Reading produce Action Required Dialogue doesn't disappear at any case(while reset).

Writing modem gives following error :
Getting modem type....Failed to enter command mode
Check Com Port and Baud settings and try again.
Write Parameters...Failed


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2 Answers

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Hello Again,

I have checked again with another Xbee Base Module.
Test/Query is ok.

XCTU shows COORDINATOR AT Version - 1020 & ROUTER AT Version - 1220 in Modem Config

Reading Module parameters gives OK result in XCTU.
But, doesn't show Modem Type,Function Set & Version.

Writing any value gives error : Getting modem type....OK
Programming modem...Lost communication with modem
Write Parameters...Failed.

Also, Terminal shows - Echo for any typed char.

Interesting info is that :
For 1st Xbee => LED Blinks 2 times per second (I think its Router)
For 2nd Xbee => LED Blinks 1 time per second (I think its Coordinator)

What can i check for communication in this 2 Xbee ?
answered Mar 18 by vijay.amrutkar New to the Community (2 points)
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Hello Vijay,
I also suffer from this problem again.
Two years ago I even send my XBEE to the factory with the same simptoms you mentioned.
I received it in return and it was working.
What exactely caused the problem I do not know.
At the moment I have this problem again.
Even when I reset short circuit gnd to rst wil not help.
It looks like we missed something.
Is there a procudure to reset the xbee from API mode?
like to hear.
Kind regards,
answered Mar 23 by Theo New to the Community (4 points)
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