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XBee Wifi Multi-Hop Ad-Hoc Network

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I am looking to create a wireless network along a non-linear path that will allow me to remotely control and receive a video stream from a mobile vehicle.

A fixed transmitter will transmit to a moving receiver on the vehicle. The vehicle should have multiple XBee Wifi modules on board which it will drop and activate once the original signal has attenuated to a certain point.

The idea is that
Transmitter >>>Receiver
Signal attenuates. XBee Dropped
Transmitter >>> XBee1>>>Receiver

Signal attenuates. XBee Dropped
Transmitter >>> XBee1>>>XBee2>>>Receiver

I'm interested to know whether this is feasible or whether there is an alternate approach that would allow this functionality to be implemented.
asked Mar 5 in IEEE 802.11 by m.bassalious New to the Community (0 points)
edited Mar 4 by m.bassalious

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1 Answer

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No, the XBee WIFI modules do not have the ability to rout data. They must be connected to a Gateway directly or directly with another WIFI Device in an AdHoc connection.
answered May 7 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (2,134 points)
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