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No puedo conectar mi gateway a device cloud

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hola resulta que no puedo conectar mi gateway a cloud los pasos que he seguido son los siguientes ...
1.creo cuenta registro el producto (no lo encuentra el el boton discover toca agregandolo manualmente MAC)
1.1. conecto mi gateway al router que me da el acceso a internet por medio del cable utp
2.con digi device discovery averiguo cual es mi ip
3.ingreso a web gui y en configuracion>>idigi>> coloco el la dirreccion del servidor >>login.etherios.com y configuro el tiempo de reconexion
4. configuro el metodo de conexion advance settings >> conexion method>> tcp
5. aplicar y reiniciar y deberia conectarse a login
agradezco sus colaboraciones quedare atento
asked Feb 8 in Device Cloud by edgar3280 New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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I used Google Translate to understand your question. Looks like you have issues in connecting Gateway yo Device Cloud.
Is that right?

Which gateway are you having? ConnectPort X4?

How are you getting IP address, DHCP/Static?

If static make sure your DNS settings are saved in Network-> Advanced Network Settings.

Also DNS priority is set appropriately in the same screen..
answered Feb 10 by tuxembb Seasoned Professional (240 points)
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