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I try to configure the serial port off a Digi Connect Wi-SP

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I need configure that the serial port receive a trailer (2 bytes) 0xCE,0X31 send the data.

I used the web interface to configure.

Configuration => Serial Ports => Port1 => Advance Serial Settings => Send data only under any of the following conditions => match string (but i can put here the bytes because it isn't a common char).

asked Dec 12, 2013 in Realport by hector gastaminza New to the Community (4 points)
recategorized Dec 12, 2013 by hector gastaminza

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2 Answers

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see endpattern. details on pg. 400 of the command guide:
answered Dec 13, 2013 by kjensen8 Veteran of the Digi Community (441 points)
selected Dec 17, 2013 by hector gastaminza
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Thanks kjensen8

But i have a problem, i configure the string: "\xCE\x31"


but the device send more than a packet

(wireshark capture: 2 packets)
answered Dec 17, 2013 by hector gastaminza New to the Community (4 points)
edited Dec 17, 2013 by hector gastaminza
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