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xbee zb to xbee wifi migration example ?

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Hi, is there a migration manual to to a simple swap of module ? I'm guessing that i'll need to change a bit the initialisation of the module but is there any other things I should look for ?

I'm using the API mode for the Xbee XB module. In my code, everytime the systems stats from a POwer OFF mode. it will configure the ZB module in API mode (in case it changes).

So it checks first is configuration and then sends the parameter correctly if not ok. it means i'm issuing the following commands :

const UBYTE_8 k_ubyATCmd[CmdMaxCmd][2] =
{'S','H'}, // cmd for CmdGetAddHigh ,
{'S','L'}, // cmd for CmdGetAddLow ,
{'S','D'}, // cmd for CmdGetSD ,
{'N','T'}, // cmd for CmdGetNT ,
{'N','R'}, // cmd for CmdNR0 ,
{'A','I'}, // cmd for CmdGetAI ,
{'S','M'}, // cmd for CmdGetSleepCfg ,
{'S','M'}, // cmd for CmdSetSleepCfg ,
{'W','R'}, // cmd for CmdWriteInEeprom ,
asked Jun 13, 2013 in RF Solutions and XBee by Hardy99si New to the Community (0 points)

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