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M130 development board communication port issue

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I am having an issue with the m130 development board supplied by Digi, in that I can not find pertinent reading material regarding the development board itself. Furthermore, there is an issue in that I can not communicate with the q52 modem at all, with a lack of all Serial or USB functionality.

Has anyone else had a similar problem or been able to rectify the situation??
asked Jun 27, 2011 in Satellite Modules by jonogevers New to the Community (2 points)

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5 Answers

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I'm not sure if this applies (I've only used the M10) but the majority of the documentation is in "C:\Program Files\Digi". Once you install the software.

As for the comms... if they followed the same as they do with the M10 then you need to assert the DCB line in the serial port to turn the modem on.
answered Jun 27, 2011 by mcarver Community Contributor (108 points)
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Thanks for the feedback, it is really appreciated. Unfortunately the m130 seems dissimilar to the m10 in that it is actually a sierra wireless product in essence. As such there is no accompanying digi software itself, but instead the sierra wireless development platform. This platform itself does not detect the device when connected via serial which concerns me further.

I am interested in the idea of assertion of the DCB line however. At the moment I am hoping to interface with the modem as I have done in the past with other wavecom modems, by merely issuing AT commands via hyperterminal as I believe serial comms are supported natively. What did you have envisioned by asserting the DCB line?
answered Jun 27, 2011 by jonogevers New to the Community (2 points)
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I miss-wrote, I double checked my code and by asserting the DTR line that starts the modem up for the m10. The basic operation is assert DTR, wait for and ack from the module, then start communications. The m10 uses a special serial packet system, not AT commands.
After looking at the docs it looks like the M10 and the M130 aren't very much alike at all. :/
answered Jun 28, 2011 by mcarver Community Contributor (108 points)
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Thanks in any case :) Yup, the m130 uses the wavecom openat system on their chips so communication differs somewhat. I've called up a digi agent in the area and am hoping he will be able to rectify the situation.
answered Jun 28, 2011 by jonogevers New to the Community (2 points)
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I think, you should directly contact Digi Technical Support through Support Webportal with more detailed problem description.
answered Jul 5, 2011 by shahrj1988 Veteran of the Digi Community (265 points)
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